Pilates Workshop for Beginners – Online


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SATURDAY, 25 JULY 2020 FROM 10:00-11:00

Price is £8.50 per person, booking is essential and prepayment secures your place. Once we receive you order, we will send you the link for the workshop.

Join expert physio and Pilates instructor Vicky Smith for a gentle online introduction to Pilates covering all core pre-Pilates moves, empowering you to gain an understanding of the fundamental concept of Pilates and how it can benefit you in your daily life.

This workshop is an addition to our online timetable, to enable you to gain a greater understanding of Pilates principles, and help you, should you choose to – join our established range of online physio led Pilates classes.

The regular practice of Pilates delivers many benefits, giving gradual and positive changes to the body’s strength, tone and flexibility. Pilates exercises require a ‘core stability’ of the deep muscles, which takes time and concentration to develop. These deep postural muscles support and stabilise our skeletons and don’t need repetitive overloading to strengthen them, they just need to be switched on. You will learn how to sense and activate these muscles which form the basis to good posture, and then to remain aware of posture and alignment throughout the performance of the flowing sequences of movement which form the practice of Pilates.

This workshop is for beginners, or for those who have not done pilates for a while and require a refresher of the principles.

You will be taught the principles of Pilates, and experience a full class of pilates, with expert guidance from Vicky throughout. All you need is a little space, a mat if you have one ( a towel or comfortable floor will be fine) then come and join us!



9am - 8.30pm


9am - 8.30pm


9am - 8.30pm


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