Yin for Spring – Yin, Restore and Meditate Workshop (March 2023)



Join us at this lovely Yin, Restore and Meditate workshop to practice the art of slowing down to nurture your inner calm.

Upcoming Workshops:

Yin For Spring – Friday 31st March 6.30-8.00pm
£22.00 per person

Embrace the spirit of renewal, shed any unwanted layers and make a conscious choice to begin again.

We will explore postures that focus on the liver and gallbladder meridian lines (these are energy lines that map the entire body and link to our major organs), which support the body’s natural digestive and detoxification functions.

The yin yoga practice is all floor based and we spend time (1-3 mins) in each posture. We work beyond the big muscle groups and that allows us to move deeply into the connective tissues. Softening the connective tissues around the meridian lines, allows for the energy pathways to open and unblock tension.

For every inhale, we’ll invite an overall sense of vibrancy and with every exhale, a sense of softness. Immersed in the warmth of the bamboo studio for a truly nourishing experience.