Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Hi, my name is Dawn and my spiritual name and the name I use for teaching is Dayal Shakti (it means compassionate power)

My background is in environment and sustainability issues. I have worked for 16 years in this industry as a Sustainability Manager. I have practised different types of yoga for about 16 years too – dipped in and out over the years. I love the way yoga makes me feel. I suffer with a back pain and found that regular practice keeps me feeling so much better.

I first heard about Kundalini via Russell Brand’s You Tube channel when I lived in the South East. I went to my yoga teacher at the time and asked a million questions, but couldn’t find anyone near me who was running classes. I moved back up north in 2016 just before the birth of my daughter. When I was ready to start classes again I searched and found the yoga studio near me were running kundalini classes! I was overjoyed and I immediately was hooked. I felt a real sense of joy for days after the classes. Unfortunately a few months after opening the studios closed down.

I kept in touch with my teacher – Dev Ajeet Kaur – who runs Kundalini North East . She was running the first Kundalini teacher training in the North East and asked if I wanted to do it. I signed up – I didn’t initially want to teach, I just wanted to bring a daily practice and take on more of the teachings. Our teacher Ishwara Kaur (and Kirpal) teaches in India, Kent and France – however they have started to run a teacher training also in Barnard Castle –

I am excited to bring Kundalini to the chapel, to share the magic that is Kundalini, and help people fulfil their Dharma (destiny!)

I have two small children, a smallholding where we are trying to grow our own food when we have time!

I look forward to welcoming you to my class.



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