Estelle Connors

Pilates and Yogalates


BScHons, MCSP.

A Chartered Physiotherapist with a passion for Pilates! I first discovered Pilates after the birth of my first baby and grew to love it, both for the effect it had on my own body and mind and for the benefits it could offer for others. I decided to train as a Pilates teacher and enrolled with the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute, (APPI), a world renowned provider of pilates training and rehabilitation, and after completing the necessary training I  began to teach my own pilates classes.

That was 8 years ago and since then I have continued to expand my pilates knowledge and practice. I continue to regularly attend APPI Pilates courses which has enabled me to increase my class repertoire and I now teach a variety of classes from complete beginner to advanced pilates and pilates HIIT. I also frequently use small equipment within the matwork classes including weighted balls, soft balls, resistible circles and resistance bands which adds variety and intensity to the classes.

All of my classes are small size groups to enable appropriate supervision and progression of exercises, which I feel is vital if you are to achieve your full pilates potential and especially important for those clients who have underlying spinal or other health issues.

As a Physiotherapist I have the anatomical knowledge and the clinical experience to ensure all clients develop and progress in a safe, controlled and appropriate way whilst still reaching their full potential and enjoying themselves in the process!  I particularly enjoy seeing my clients progress and develop their strength and skill and discover for themselves the benefits that Pilates holds for them. In addition to Pilates I also practice yoga regularly and I am a keen runner.


Tuesday 10am-12pm


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