Fiona Prentis




Foundation Degree in Counselling, B.A.C.P. Accredited.

Hi. My name is Fiona Prentis. I’m a Counsellor. I have just launched my first business, ‘Fiona Prentis Counselling’ having worked as Counsellor in General Practice Surgeries for the last 6 years with people just like you.

I’m fully Qualified with an Enhanced DBS and am an Accredited Member of the B.A.C.P. I graduated from the University of Sunderland in 2011 with a Commendation for my Foundation Degree in Counselling.

I originally trained as a nurse and did my first Counselling course because I wanted to improve my communication skills with patients and families. As much as I enjoyed being a nurse, I loved the counselling so much that I decided to pursue it instead. Here I am over 10 years later, and I haven’t looked back.

I started out working for Charities in Sunderland whilst I was training and just after, for about a year. For the last 6 years I’ve worked in 3 different General Practice Surgeries in North Durham. As you can imagine I’ve worked successfully with a vast array of people, issues and problems. As much as I have enjoyed working for the N.H.S. I decided to set myself up Privately in 2017, forming ‘Fiona Prentis Counselling’ to allow me to potentially work with clientsmore long-term than the NHS permits and to enable me to offer a much shorter waiting time than the NHS is able to.

Luckily for me, after 8 years of practice I still love my work. I am never bored and I never dread going in to work. Each day is very different to the last and I continue to be both moved and humbled by the people who choose to trust me with whatever it is that is bothering them so that, if it is at all possible, we can try to work it out together. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from my work.

I am looking to work alongside Vicky and Mark at The Chapel initially on a Monday and Tuesday but could possibly be available on other days too.

I love my work and am particularly looking to work with you if you are: Aged 18-25; have an Eating Issue; have Relationship Issues; are struggling following a bereavement; are stressed-either at home, work or both; have suffered a trauma or are just really not sure where to start or what’s going on but feel that you are not as happy or fulfilled as you think you could be.

If you’re thinking of having some counselling please check out my website Then give me a ring on 0191 603 1412 or send me an e-mail to if you’d like to discuss things further; book an appointment or if you’re not sure about anything, just ask and I’ll do my best to help, with no obligation.

I’d love to hear from you.


Mondays from 8am

Further availability on request


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