Baby Sign and Sensory Teacher

Hi I’m Jo. I am a teacher & trainer for Baby Sign & Sensory, and I have been delivering classes for almost 10 years. My passion with British Sign Language (BSL) began over 20 years ago when I worked at Northern Counties School for the Deaf in Newcastle, working with children who were hearing impaired or profoundly deaf. It was here that I gained level 1 & 2 in BSL.

My interest in sign language led me to appreciate the benefits of supporting early communication with babies and toddlers too, so 10 years ago I devised a simple, yet effective, Baby Signing & Sensory programme based on BSL. Research has shown that babies as young as 4 months are able to use sign language to communicate. I am passionate about early communication between baby and parent and the bond this can create.

Baby Sign & Sensory is all about bridging the communication gap, to enable babies to communicate with their parents before they can talk! Classes are great fun, and suited to babies from the age of 6 weeks up to around 14 months. In my spare time I enjoys Crossfit, hiking and spending time with my family.

I will be running Baby Sign & Sensory classes on Thursdays 11.15am-12.00pm and I look forward to welcoming you and your baby to my classes.



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