Bowen Technique Practitioner

Hi I’m Joanne and I have been a bowen technique practitioner for over 14yrs.

I established J Hewitt bowen therapy clinic in February 2004, after qualifying from the European college of bowen studies . Throughout my training I regularly worked in a bowen clinic within claypath medical practice Durham, under the supervision of Paula Esson, principal of the college of bowen studies fascial release technique, gaining knowledge and skills of many elements of the bowen technique in a very busy clinic.

Previous to becoming an bowen technique practitioner I worked as a reception supervisor in claypath medical practice, dealing with all aspects of running a medical practice, which enabled me to transfer some of my skills & knowledge into my bowen therapy clinic .

Since qualifying I have run a successful private practice, starting out at Claypath medical practice working alongside Paula Esson and working in the Durham area and now based in Brandon and Northern Integrative Health Practice Sacriston.

My ethos is to reach out to the local community and surrounding areas attending events and talks at local community groups in and around The Durham area, promoting health and well-being and the benefits of bowen.

As a bowen practitioner I treat a broad range of physical conditions. By addressing the physical imbalances and correcting the posture, you restore function & flexibility throughout the body.

The general well-being you receive from such a gentle touch treatment is often hard for people to understand.

I do have a passion for treating mothers & babies due to first hand experience of receiving bowen throughout my pregnancy and bowen training, finishing 4 days before my son was born. When I am not in clinic I lead a fulfilling life with my husband, 2 children and 2 granddaughters which keeps me on my toes , so I truly know how important it is to take care of yourself and keep balanced in a busy life, but to also spend valuable time with my lovely family. 

If you would like to know more, do look at my website or facebook pages.



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