Hatha Yoga Instructor

I have been practicing yoga since the age of sixteen, when I attended my first classes in Iyengar Yoga in Alston, Cumbria. I chose yoga because I wanted to do something spiritual but non religious, and it suited me straight away. I have practiced a wide range of types of yoga, and find myself drawing on these different styles in my own classes. I find that yoga works on so many levels, and the benefits for me over the years have been both physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Over the years yoga has helped me cope through stress, anxiety, depression, university, work, pregnancy, and new motherhood. Yoga helps to keep me grounded, balanced, positive, and relaxed. It releases tension from my body, calms my mind and soothes my heart.

I did my first teacher training with the Integral Yoga Institute at their ashram in Virginia, USA. This was an invaluable experience, both in terms of learning how to teach, but also in learning a great deal about myself and my own yoga practice. Later, I also completed the British Wheel of Yoga teacher training in Durham. This course is a level 4 diploma and is very in depth, providing a really firm grounding in understanding all aspects of yoga. I also took further training in Pregnancy Yoga and Mother and Baby Yoga, which have been particular passions of mine, especially in recent years when having my own children.

Hatha Yoga: The term Hatha Yoga refers to the Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon) aspects of the practice, describing how the Hatha aims to balance the more physical practices of yoga, with the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects. Classes include a variety of physical postures aimed at stretching and strengthening the body, as well as breathing exercises, meditation practices, deep relaxation techniques, and even a little bit of yoga philosophy. I aim to lead sessions in a very inclusive way so that no-one is left with nothing to do and everyone feels that they can find a version of the practice that suits them. All practices (physical, breathing, and meditation) are taught in stages, allowing you to stick at the stage that suits you, there is never any pressure to do more than you are comfortable with, and you can rest at any time. You will also get the chance to challenge yourself, if you want to.

For me, yoga provides a re-set button, bringing me back to myself, and helping me find balance throughout my life. And this is what I aim to bring to my classes, to share with everyone attending.
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