Samantha Lavery

Seasonal Yoga teacher



Hi, I am a Seasonal Yoga Teacher; and have completed 500 hours of training with the Seasonal Yoga Academy in Glasgow, certified through Yoga Alliance.

Seven years ago, my family and I moved to Sumatra, Indonesia. Until then my exercise of choice was running, but running in such a hot climate did not work for me. As an alternative exercise my friends introduced me to Ashtanga and Flow Yoga. Like many people I was drawn to Yoga for the physical aspect but it was the benefits to my emotional and mental wellness, where I found greater reward. This was to be the start of my love affair with Yoga.

After three years, we returned to the UK and once settled and adjusted back to normal life, I took the opportunity to train with the Seasonal Yoga Academy in Glasgow. In 2016, I completed my 200hr training course and started teaching. While teaching I went on to complete the 300hr Advanced Seasonal training program.

Seasonal Yoga and Chi Kung is a dynamic flow based practice using the breath to balance our mind, body and emotions with the changing energy of the seasons.

As in nature, our bodies have their own innate intelligence and mechanisms for internal balancing. In the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each major organ resonates with a particular seasonal energy. Using our own vital energy (Chi or Prana), which flows through the meridians to each major organ. By practicing postures, movement and meridian stretches, we can influence our vital energy and emotional state.

The practice also includes breath work and meditation to bring us to a place of stillness and can often result in a feeling of calm and bliss.

I emphasis the word ‘practice’; Yoga is not about creating the perfect pose, it’s about being on the mat, seeing how you feel and using your breath to work through the challenges each day may bring.

We hold emotional stress within our bodies and Yoga helps to release those tensions so you feel lighter, calmer bringing you to a place of stillness and quiet.

Other than Yoga, I love connecting with nature, I have two dogs and I enjoy walking with them in the woods and surrounding fields.

I love creating positive connections with people; we live in a world where people are feeling increasingly disconnected from each other, leading to loneliness and a feeling of isolation. I do this through teaching and volunteering; I enjoy giving something back to the community. I attend my local Knit & Natter group (I natter rather than knit). I also help out with my local Youth Club and volunteer at Kynren.

My class is on a Monday Evening 7.30pm, I look forward to seeing you on the mat soon.

Much Love

Monday 7.30 – 9pm


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