Sandra Mountjoy

Tai Chi & Qigong Tutor, Postural Stability Instructor


Hello I’m Sandra and I have been self employed for 17, years.
Delivering a range of therapies in the community to promote health & well being working for many years within adult learning with DCC & New College. I gained my CERT Ed as well as continuing my own personal development within Tai Chi & Postural Stability,I have and still do work for different organisations, My speciality being Tai Chi & Qigong this is a gentle martial art exercise, movements are slow, even, continuous & flowing, It is gentle on the body, calming on the mind, good for improving balance and co- ordination skills.
Postural Stability Exercise this is the delivery of a range of site specific exercises to help prevent falls. I really find my work Interesting & rewarding, meeting a lot of interesting people who attend my classes,I enjoy helping them understand the many benefits from learning this gentle martial art exercise, and site specific exercise to help prevent falls, as well as making new friends along the way.
Over the years I have learnt so much as a Tai Chi Tutor,& Postural Stability Instructor, and Still look at ways to improve to ensure the overall learning experience is 1st Class for my groups.
I have always been interested in Improving posture and exercises to help improve strength & flexibility to improve health & wellbeing within adult learning.

I have a lovely family, enjoy the Northumberland Coast,
Like to also travel abroad & explore different cultures.

Look forward to meeting you. Sandra.


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