Sports Therapist

Hi, I am Suzanne one of the Sports Therapist here at Tayloredfit Physio.

I have four years’ experience of remedial massage and sports therapy and managed to build my own strong and successful business with many rewards and happy clients. Nevertheless, I continue to learn every day, and this is something that I love about my profession! My clients range from young world class athletes, Ironmen, nurses, office workers, couch potatoes and ladies and gentlemen aged 80+.

I have been privileged to have helped with many muscular skeletal conditions and injuries from all lifestyles.

My qualifications enable me to use a multitude of techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, soft tissue release, dry needling and taping which can make a big difference in helping to restore quality of life. I am a strong believer that prevention s better than a cure and can help you prepare for your next biggest venture.

Life in Durham is amazing. We have three rescued Basset hounds which keep me on my toes. When they are resting after a long walk, I like to take up my hobbies which alongside walking is running, cycling and when the weather gets warmer open water swimming. In 2018 I successfully completed the Ironman triathlon which for me at the age of 58 was a great achievement. Since then I am happy to take a back seat and concentrate more on my passion to help those who want to achieve as I have been there myself and so have the training knowledge and massage programme to pass on.

No matter what life throws at us if we keep our bodies and mind strong, we can conquer anything.



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