Debs Russel

BSc Hons, ACCP


Hello I’m Debs, I graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Ulster in 2011, I worked in Northern Ireland in the NHS. I also completed an MPhil investigating fatigue management in Fibromyalgia Syndrome, this process highlighted to me the importance of a holistic and empathetic approach to my practice.

I have since worked within the NHS and in private physiotherapy clinics in the UK.  I am a holistic physiotherapist, promoting a focus on well-being with my management and treatment techniques. I have completed training in orthopaedic medicine with the Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine and have passed the membership exam. I also became a member of the ACCP in 2015, meaning that I am able to offer acupuncture as part of my treatments.  I offer acupuncture for fertility, helping to support women through their fertility journey.

I have always had an interest in caring for women before, after and during pregnancy since I worked as a neonatal nurse and was able to experience working closely with women and their families after birth.  My passion intensified following the birth of both of my sons due to my experiences, I gained a greater understanding and empathy for my patients’ journey having travelled my own.  Often the women become so focused on caring for others that their health and well-being comes second, with problems or issues being pushed to the back burner or ignored. Supporting women through their key life-transitions is so important, open discussions about difficulties and issues should be promoted, encouraged and normalised. I completed my Mummy MOT training and the Pelvic Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy training in female urinary dysfunction, to enable me to give this support and therapy.

I look forward to facilitating your journey to wellness.