Sammie Ayres

Aerial Yoga and Yoga Instructor

I am a qualified yoga and Aerial yoga teacher with a real passion for teaching all ages. I have had a love for yoga and Aerial yoga for many years now, completing my yoga teacher training November 2017 and Aerial training October 2018 with the same yoga company based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I originally got into Yoga from my mum as she also shares the same love. She too is also completing her yoga teacher training as is my auntie so we are a real yogi family.

I enjoy teaching all different ages of yoga as each age group being something unique to a class. My love for teaching kids Aerial was something I kind of fell into but one of the best things I did.

If I’m not hanging upside down I enjoy walking my beautiful Cavapoo puppy Isla. Who is full of energy and sometimes likes to join in my home yoga practise but can be more of a distraction then a help. But a great distraction. I enjoy most things Aerial, attending hoop classes and trapeze. I definitely feel I would be best suited in a circus. I love the outdoors and enjoy an adventure especially if I can take my Aerial rig with me.

I am also in the middle of completing my reiki training and would love to complete a mindfulness course in the near future as I have seen the difference this can make to people lives.

I absolutely love teaching my Aerial classes and love students going home with that sense of achievement and the feel good factor, that’s by far my favourite part of teaching. You can find me regularly at Tayloredfit Physio teaching children, families and adults. My classes are fun, at times challenging and all include a focus on both poses and mindfulness.