Judith’s Story of Anxiety

Jul 26, 2016

Let me introduce you to Judith, who has kindly, beautifully and eloquently told her story and is happy to share it with you.

My name is Judith, I am 63, married with children and grandchildren and I have been anxious for a long time. Anxiety comes and goes, sometimes hardly felt, then woosh, a full blown fear. It is awful to experience. I suppose I have always been ‘sensitive’ but managed to ‘tick over’ quite well – the occasional ‘kalms’ to help.

In 2011, I had to have a hysterectomy and this was followed by 2 other ‘procedures’. In 2013, after an epidural anaesthetic I woke in great fear. Sadly this was accompanied by a variety of confusing and upsetting physical symptoms. So I stopped going out – just in case I felt ill – I actually felt ill all the time! I was nauseous, numb, felt as though I was in a fog, shaking, stomach cramps – but the worst was the pain in my head and neck.

Many tests were taken and all came back as ‘fine’. My doctor prescribed anti anxiety meds. I read the side effects, and of course, had every one!

My neighbour recommended Vicky for physio and craniosacral therapy…… And so my journey back to health started.

The craniosacral therapy has transformed me. Not overnight. But I knew from the first session that it would work. Because I was painfree. Gradually.  All my old fears, guilt, despair and anger fell. Literally – onto the floor as Vicky’s treatment continued.

I also started meditation, going out, on my own, and am now a Buddhist which gives me peace. I volunteer with the RDA (riding for the disabled ), which gives me a sense of achievement.

Buddha in meditation with burning candle

I thought I was locked inside forever, but I have been given a second chance and have taken it.

The craniosacral therapy is holistic. It has healed my body and my soul.

I thank Vicky for this and the caring way in which she works. I am sure, is as important, to me at least, as the therapy itself.

Thank you.

Thank you Judith, and we hope it may give others with similar feelings an insight into other things which may help. Craniosacral therapy can be used to effectively help manage anxiety. If you’d like to know more or want to make an appointment check out www.tayloredfitphysio.co.uk or contact us at info@tayloredfitphysio.co.uk

Best wishes, Vicky Smith x