Do One Thing

Jan 4, 2017

January. Is it a month you dread, reminding you of what you didn’t achieve the previous year, or do you welcome it with open eyes and heart, striving towards personal and or professional goals?

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I’m somewhere in the middle, striving to the latter, but with that inner voice berating myself for not doing or achieving what I’d set out to. But hey, we’re only human right? Life happens, things come along to test us, challenge us. And the universe has a lovely way of nudging us, reminding us, guiding us to where we need to be. And as long as we’re heading in roughly the right direction right?

Well, what I’m advocating this January, for myself, for my family and for my friends and patients is to do one thing, just one thing in January to help us towards our goals, or simply help us feel better – be that mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Typically in January we set about a long list of things we want to do which instantly sets us up for failure.

Typically almost every year in January I say I will lose weight, get fitter, stronger, drink less alcohol, drink more water, spend more time with friends and family, meditate regularly, read more. By mid January, I’m back on the wine, forgetting to meditate, and not planned any get togethers with friends. So usually I finish January slumped!

Not this year. I shall embrace my flaws, accept that I am a work in progress. And do one thing. My one thing? I’ll share mine if you share yours! During the festive season, if you are what you eat, I was probably 30% prosecco, 30% chocolate and 40% pate!!

My one thing this January is to eat cleanly. Basically trying to source and eat foods as close to their natural state, and avoiding anything processed. I have dabbled in clean eating and my body likes it. I feel better, my digestion is better, my skin and hair improve, and mentally I feel more alert and focussed. Think more bounding out of bed like a springer spaniel, less hauling out of bed with one eye open like a seal moving along the sand.

There, that’s my one thing. What’s yours? Happy new year to you, and I wish you a year full of promise, full of laughter, health and happiness. And if there’s anything we can help you with towards your goals, let us know.








All the best.

Vicky Smith x