out of the mouths of the smithettes

Jul 20, 2017

School is out for summer, the kids finish today. So, I thought, as a bit of fun, I’d ask the kids 6 questions about our work/ jobs and see what responses I’d get. As usual, they didn’t disappoint! So here are the responses to 6 questions asked to Ella (10), Chloe (7), Zack (7), and Josh (5). Enjoy!

1.What do Mummy and Daddy do for a job?

Ella – Physiotherapist

Chloe – Physio

Zack – Physio

Josh – treat patients

2. What does being a physio mean/ what do we do?

Ella – You make people feel better using acupuncture and can’t remember the other things, like putting your hands on the parts that hurt.

Chloe – You treat people and make them feel better.

Zack – You help people when their body parts aren’t feeling very well.

Josh – You make people better.

3. Who comes to see mummy and daddy?

Ella – Babies, grown ups, children, teenagers and really old people.

Chloe – People that have pain, broken parts, and is it true that sometimes really old people can fart?!

Zack – Michael. And people who don’t have parts that are moving that well, and who are weak or stiff.

Josh – People who are hurting or whose hearts aren’t feeling that well.

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4. What is it like having a mummy and daddy who both work?

Ella – Good and bad. Good because they work really really hard and work early in the mornings and late at night and they earn money so we can buy stuff. But bad because we sometimes get lonely and don’t have much time to play with them.

Chloe – It’s weird, it’s a bit sad when they both work as we don’t spend as much time as we’d like with them. Every day they work their butts off! But they make money, and we’re going on holiday soon!

Zack – It’s a little sad as mum and dad work a lot and we don’t get much family time together, but by working we can go on holiday, and we may have enough money to go abroad, and this year we might be able to go on a boat trip in Scotland.

Josh – Good because they get me treats and they might help one of your friends feel better, and sometimes if their arms are really skinny it can get bigger.

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5. What would you change about mummy and daddy’s job?

Ella – Don’t really know, maybe not to work as many evenings or as much in the summer holidays.

Chloe – I’d change it so less people come, especially at night time.

Zack – I’d change them not having to work every single night, we’d be les sad with only one parent. It feels right to be with both parents.

Josh – I’d change it so their patients wouldn’t come so often so I could spend more time with mum and dad.

6. How do you think work will change in the future for mummy and daddy?

Ella – They are going to get more people to work at the chapel, and maybe people will work for them.

Chloe – Mummy and daddy are going to work at the chapel and we might get another bedroom or hallway or bathroom. I think it’ll be better because I can stay in my pyjamas on a Saturday.

Zack – Maybe getting the chapel will be less work and we won’t have to be silent at home!

Josh – By getting new furniture for the patients, and getting new and bigger rooms at the chapel.

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I know I’m biased, but these children are amazing. They’ve put up with us juggling work and parenthood, working from home for nearly three years. They are our little people, and whilst we’ll always be plagued by parent guilt, we do the best we can, and hopefully teaching them values, work ethic and compassion for others along the way. Mark and I are proud, and amused by these four special people. I hope you enjoyed this! Do share with anyone who may find it amusing too! If you’d like to know about what we actually do, through the eyes of an adult, find out more at www.tayloredfitphysio.co.uk.

Thanks for reading

Vicky Smithy x