What Every Physio Should Carry

Sep 26, 2017

A reflex hammer. A spinal model. A packet of tissues.

Compassion and patience.

Tape, multiple sizes, types and colours.

A pen. A pencil. Tape measure.

Ears, to listen, without judgement or assumptions.

Acupuncture needles. Towells.

An open mind, and a mind open to new ideas and evidence.

Mobile phone. Business cards. Diary.

Hands, to touch, to assess, to treat, to help.

A still point inducer.

Willingness, to help, to learn, to see.

Ultrasound and gel. Scissors. Anatomical joint models.

Heart, open.

Honesty, for yourself and others.

Exercise and advice sheets. Leaflets.

Felt. Theraband, yellow to black.

Foam roller. Spiky ball. Swiss ball. Magic circle, not in the magician sense.

A sense of humour – essential, pack at all times.

Comfortable shoes. A water bottle.

Friends, to share, to laugh, to discuss.

Books. Articles. Evidence. Podcasts. Books.

Secrets and confidential things told in the treatment room.

Desire, to grow, be better, do more.

Air freshener. Couch roll. Massage wax. Sharps box.

Empathy. Tell us your story and we will walk with you.

By Vicky Smith of Taylored-fit Physio

Thanks for reading. What else would you add?!