The Chapel

Apr 5, 2018

Years and years ago, we had a little dream. That we would start our own practice from home. Build things up steadily, organically, with word of mouth referrals and recommendations. And one day, maybe, just maybe, we could have our own place. A practice where we could work together, and work with other, like minded practitioners. To share with patients that they didn’t need to be in pain, either physical, mental or emotional. A place where services would complement each other, not vying for attention or competing with each other. A place where people could access everything under one roof.

We have had a journey, and continue to journey. Together, and with you. We found somewhere then lost it. But as the laws of the universe and the power of synchronicity came, we found something better, way better. An old Baptist Chapel. A place with history, with heart, with a soul. A place we instantly fell in love with and a place we could instantly visualise as a clinic, with a studio upstairs.

tayloredfit physio chapel langley park durham

We completed the purchase in July 2017. We obtained quotes (and boy, did we get a shock at that point!).

We applied for a grant – weeks and months of work, of projections, of planning, of testimonials from current and prospective clients – then the wait. The long wait, like waiting for exam results.

On the 11th January I received the best phone call, saying we were successful in obtaining the grant, and we could instruct the builders.

All steam ahead!

tayloredfit physio durham chapel

The chapel is already unrecognisable to the building we bought – it was stripped out, steels are in, joists are in, studwork and boarding out taking place. First fix of electrics and plumbing done to date. We have a staircase.

tayloredfitphysio durham staircase chapel

We have star lights in the treatment rooms. We are excited, proud, tired and a little stressed at all the decisions and bills to pay. Occasionally overwhelming, trying to juggle both of us working full time, with 4 children, and two dogs – the reality is often we only sit down and turn the computer on at 9.30pm once the kids are in bed. Not ideal, but the reality. And a reality we don’t begrudge in the slightest, because, quite honestly, we find ourselves in a position we thought we’d never be in, and we have butterflies at the prospect. (who am I kidding, that’ll just be me, Mark is my ‘steady as a rock, unwavering Yorkshire man’ and we balance well!).

We are making decisions on colours, wall coverings, desks, sinks, chairs, lights, flooring. The fun bits, the exciting bits! (although I was more excited than I thought I’d be about steels and joists!! And I was the one taking photos of radiators when the boiler went in!).

We are making decisions about when to recruit, being clear about which services are coming under our roof. The right services. The right people.

We have some amazing people guiding us on our way, and I will be doing a separate blog to give a well deserved shout out to all the wonderful people who we simply couldn’t have done this without their help, their guidance, their support.

To give you an insight into the services we’re planning – the treatment rooms will be providing physiotherapy, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. We will have sports massage therapy, holistic/complementary therapies, counselling and podiatry. Upstairs the studio will provide pilates, yoga and meditation classes.

tayloredfitphysio durham studio

We are looking at tai chi classes and it will also be a beautiful space to host workshops, courses and events.

Is there anything you think is missing on our list?

Do you know anyone who provides these services? Would you like to work with us? Would you like to be our receptionist?

Keep your eyes on our social media channels as we’ll be releasing more information soon! And for weekly updates on progress, check out the #chapelsunday posts every week on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Thanks for reading, do share and if you’d like to give us any feedback, email us on 


Vicky Smith