Out of my digital comfort zone!

Mar 12, 2019

As most of you may know, Mark and I attended a digital marketing conference on Friday AKA Atomicon19, led by the infamous whipper snappers Andy and Pete (Andrew Pickering and Peter Gartland) – I can confidently say whipper snappers, because I’m old enough to be their mum! But what a day of inspiring, motivating, thorough lushness throughout. A day focused on stepping out of comfort zones, facing our fears and progressing our businesses. And a day where handshakes turned to hugs.

Before the conference, a Facebook group was set up so we could all start to introduce ourselves, and one of the sponsors popped up with a few days to go, inviting guests to a free trial of a podcast. My initial thoughts were “no way, not me, won’t get me doing that”… then, over a 24 hour period, that voice…. the one that encourages you from within to get out of your comfort zone and do something which frightens you a bit. Before thinking too much more about it, I signed up – to the first morning slot! My initial challenge – having positioned ourselves on the front row of a crowd of 350 people – was, how was I going to sneak out half way through the initial keynote address (sorry Victoria Fleming!). Fear not, I researched a side door which led me beautifully through two rooms right to the podcast ‘station’.

Ta da… I had nothing to fear! The wonderful James Marriott from Rebel Base Media was charming, instantly put me at ease, and with headphones on, and in front of a rather lovely microphone, the next 10 minutes flew by.

You can tell in my voice that I relax quite quickly – indicated by my voice becoming more and more Geordie! There are even references to the Toon Army, and James throws me a curve ball!

I’ll let you be the judge – be kind, I’m a podcast virgin! My only feedback so far has been from family including my 7 year old who sniggered in the back of the car (I’m not saying I held them captive in the car on the way back from school, I just found an “opportunity”!) and said “you said loo”. So, over to you!!

The podcast, and Atomicon, and the people I met, have left me feeling absolutely buzzing, slightly battered (in a good way haha!), and full of ideas. In particular, how we could use podcasts to help, inspire, educate or spark debate.

But, that’s me, in my head! Do you think it’s got legs?! Would you listen to my waffle? Would you like to hear more?

I do love running my own business (most days!!), and I love the digital marketing side of things – it allows me to have more of a voice, showing you who I am, who we are as a business.

I’d love to hear your feedback, fire away! Thanks, as ever, for your support, patience and joining in with my mirth! Mmmoah x

Vicky Smith

Vicky is the lead physio and owner of Tayloredfit Physio, based in Langley Park, just outside Durham. She also specialises in craniosacral therapy, acupuncture and pilates. If you’d like to find out more see www.tayloredfitphysio.co.uk.