How I Spoke to My Brain!

May 21, 2019

After recently completing Upledger’s “The Brain Speaks” course, I’d love to share with you how you can dialogue (talk) and listen to your different brain parts. (and any body part for that matter!)

What if I told you that craniosacral therapy reaches parts that truly, other therapies don’t, can’t or wouldn’t even consider reaching.

I have been using craniosacral therapy within my practice for more than 21 years. I have covered most courses, from basic to advanced, from paediatrics to chronic depletion, from therapeutic imagery and dialogue to somato emotional release. Most courses have affected me both personally and within my practice.

Most courses have given me more depth, more insight, more possibilities of this work.

Craniosacral therapy is the gift that keeps on giving. The more you know, the more there is to know.

It has allowed me to process things I had locked away in my subconscious, giving me more insight into the person I am today, helping me to continually evolve, grow and thrive. It has allowed my business to expand and help a huge number of clients – from tiny babies who have had a traumatic birth, to adults with migraines, chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

“The Brain Speaks” course has been on my radar for years – and it didn’t disappoint. Not one bit.

On the contrary, the perfect  combination of an amazing instructor (thank you Avadhan Larson, all the way from Colorado), with a soothing voice and calming confidence, the most lush teaching assistants (Caroline, Carol, Lindsey, and Xander), and the most amazing group of fellow students, who took me on their journeys with them, some with some unexpected, funny, emotional and always eye-opening results.

If I told you the 4 days were a ‘heady ‘ combination. Left-brained neuroanatomy, delving deeper into brain structure and function than my physio degree ever even talked about – looking at structures that I’d only heard about – or not. And right-brained “ooh let’s visualise, let’s connect, let’s dialogue – it will take me a while to integrate. It reminded me of having a room in your house, that you’ve always known was there – but you’ve never opened the door. Enlightening is an understatement.

The 4 days saw my lateral ventricles unwind,  I spoke to my cerebellum, my hypothalamus, my corpus callosum and my fornix. I visualised my amygdala, my pons and my 3rd ventricle.

You don’t have to have anatomy knowledge before you can talk to different body parts – just a willingness to trust your body and allow yourself to connect. Quite possibly in a way you have never done before. Most of us spend so much time in our conscious minds, “in our heads”, that we miss subtle and often not so subtle cues from our bodies – call it your ‘gut’, your inner wisdom, your higher self – it all amounts to the same thing. And it’s full of insights, surprises and an opportunity to progress, to heal or just to feel more centred.

I feel like I’ve had a brain upgrade and that has made me more grounded, more listened to, more respectful of my body parts and what they have to say. And, they had a lot to say!

Fundamentally, ‘team brain’ controls everything, and if we don’t ask…

Would you like to connect to parts of your brain? Curious to know what they’ve got to say?

Like to know if craniosacral therapy, and listening to your brain, can help your headache, your seizures, your stammer, your pain, your anxiety or your sleep disturbance. Would you like to hear what your body has to say?

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