Would you recommend us?

Jul 21, 2020

Well, my lovelies, it turns out you would! And not just some of you – ALL of you!!

Last week I sent out a 3 question survey and the results have made Mark and I stop in our tracks, they’ve made us laugh, cry, given us goose bumps and the fact that so many of you took the time to complete it – and add your comments has been overwhelming.

I thought it would be a good idea to share the results here – our purpose was to gauge a NET PROMOTER SCORE – which is a score, used in all businesses to tell if customers/clients would recommend you – it helps to identify clients who aren’t happy, who are passive about us and those who fly the flag and recommend us to friends and family. This then enables a business to improve, tweak as required or give a baseline to be reviewed in 6 months or annually. Initially I was a little reluctant to ask now, with the current climate, but then we thought this was an ideal time to ask that question – if we can behave, and encourage referrals and recommendations during a global pandemic, then our business is doing ok!

The Results Are In!

Ok, a total of 70 people responded (thank you, thank you, thank you!!)

The first question asked on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being not likely to 10 being very likely, would you recommend Tayloredfit Physio to a friend or colleague.

62 gave us a 10 (89%)

8 gave us a 9 (11%)

No other numbers, other than 9’s or 10’s – we either caught you all on a really good day, or this is the most validating bit of feedback we’ve received since Tayloredfit Physio was established in 2014!

What Else Did We Ask You?

We asked you two more questions

  1. Why have you scored us the way you have?
  2. What else can we do to make you happier?

I will give you a snapshot of the responses, all left anonymously (emails are collected so we can say thank you, but we don’t know who said what!)

Why have you scored us the way you have?

Very professional and supportive
Because you are amazing and passionate and lovely!
Treatment was excellent. Pilates classes are great.
Exceptional service, great products and a genuine high level of care for your clients
Such a friendly & highly skilled team. The chapel is such a calming & reassuring space too. Appointments are really flexible too ie not just during the day which really helps too. I’ve been a patient for just 4 years (I think?) and i can honestly say coming here changed my quality of life & well-being so much after living with chronic pain for several years. I’ve recommended serval family & friends already with a variety of health issues
My experiences have always been positive from a very warm welcome through to Sensitive and effective treatments. The staff genuinely care about their clients and their wellbeing.
Excellent intuitive practitioners, fabulous Pilates instruction, warm and friendly atmosphere in a beautiful practice.
Cos you’re mint. And care. And professional. And great at what you do. The Chapel is so welcoming.
Had briefly been to see Mark before lockdown and been doing online pilates so not had lots of interactions but what I have I would recommend
Excellent clinical skills and true caring attitude
professional friendly supportive approach
I always find the staff go over and above to be friendly and welcoming. I have already signed my mam up for a online membership and told my business partner about the Bowen treatment which she has attended for over a year.
Great service lovely staff
Exceptional service
I am currently receiving acupuncture treatment from Mark for an ongoing illness which is dragging out, and I think I am beginning to improve & feel some benefits. I was very happy with the service & impressed with how quick I got my first appointment even given the current situation of the pandemic. Mark has been very friendly & put me at ease & I was so grateful you were willing to try & help me out.
Friendly and professional, fantastic range of classes and interventions and beautiful surroundings.
The warm and welcoming ambience within the converted chapel.The unique position of providing both a wide range of health treatments and fitness classes under one roof. In addition, I like the idea of physio lead pilates classes.
Very effective therapy delivered by knowledgeable, professional and friendly professionals. Your professional approach to Covid safety gives clients the confidence to attend.
Expert care, friendly staff all in a bright clean lovely environment
friendly, professional and fun fitness classes
Love the online pilates! Totally accessible for beginners, really flexible in terms of being able to watch the videos at a time which is convenient for us, Vicky is brill and explains things really clearly. Always feel totally relaxed by the end of the class.
Having CST from Vicky for two years now, it has completely changed my attitude to my back and neck issues. Not only has it given so much more relief than more ‘traditional’ physiotherapy treatments, it has also helped me to deal more positively with the times when I have pain and discomfort. I would highly recommend Vicky and CST to anyone who suffers from chronic pain. I also like the professional but friendly approach by all of the staff I have come into contact with. Right now I Also feel reassured about their approach to treating patients during the difficult Covid 19 environment.
I’m always recommending you! You have helped me so much with my aches, in ways not achieved by anybody else!
Professional and friendly service.
during lock down I needed some advice on an ankle injury. Emailed Mark who had seen me prior to lock down with a previous injury due to Mark being furloughed Vicki replied, she organised a video consultation and then a face to face as soon as they opened.
The premises are modern and beautiful. The staff are friendly, welcoming and professional
always enjoy my classes, enjoy the environment and all the different equipment available
Fabulous and friendly staff, expert instructors, enjoyable classes and excellent physio
Very friendly and down to earth staff yet very professional.
Cause Vicky and mark are amazing and aerial yoga is awesome
Primarily because I have so much confidence in both Vicky & Mark; I think they are excellent physiotherapists. The receptionists are also very friendly, and the old chapel is such a great place.
Caring treatment in beautiful relaxing surroundings.
Because you are amazing
Friendly professionals who care
All the help Vicky has given me over the years
Because the treatment I’ve had from both Mark and Vicky has been amazing
excellent service, amazing knowledge and friendly atmosphere
professional range of therapy informative considerate caring right responsive humble humour developing responsive Brill. Cx
I enjoy the classes
I find Vicky very knowledgeable, caring and brings a sense of calm to me when I visit her.
You really care about your customers and bend over backwards to help! I’ve not needed to use your services in a while but will be making a point to book in more where possible in my schedule (childcare issues)
I’ve always received excellent attention and help. I have already recommended Mark to a number of people.
These patient orientated physiotherapists who are always positive, energetic and inspiring for being highly knowledgeable in their field are an epitome of how every physio professionals ought to be.
personal, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve always felt as though my welfare was your priority, not the business side of things. That’s why I am very loyal to Taylored fit.
I have been so inpressed with trearments and results I have recommended you to friends and family.
Because I love that you are always enthusiastic, happy, bubbly and down to earth! I think your online classes are very good value for money and reach people who otherwise couldn’t/wouldn’t get to a class
I’ve attended classes there, my children have also attended classes. The ethos and atmosphere of your business is inclusive and you immediately feel like you are a valued friend! A lovely place to be !
I like the chapel and that you are professional.
I’ve been seeing Vicky for some years & have always had excellent treatment and advice.
Always excellent service
Because you are so fabulous
Had great service when I accessed support
Very friendly, big range of services, easy to book, reasonably priced, really caring and thoughtful staff.
You take the time to listen to me and offer advice structured to my needs
Very professional and welcoming
I am completely satisfied with all elements

I mean, wow! Really, really overwhelming – Mark and I read these together, in silence, When we looked at each other, both of us were brimming with tears. Tears of pure joy, tears of pride and tears of gratitude. You all have some idea of what you mean to us, and what your support and loyalty means to us and our small business. It gives us the strength to push forward, to keep striving to do better, be better and offer you the best experience and service possible.

And Finally!

We finally asked you, what could we do to make you happier?

Some of your answers made us smile and also made us realise we need to tell you, in different ways some of our plans (for example, we thought everyone knew we were continuing with the online pilates packages, but obviously not!

So, in the hope of being completely transparent, here are your responses.

Keep the online classes going
Open another Chapel closer to me!
Continue with online classes please until live classes resume.
Nothing. Very happy with everything – whether it’s classes, or purchases
Seeing you back in full swing doing what you do best.
I don’t think there is anything I could add here
Not so much more you can do
Keep a balance of both online & face to face options as the flexibility is really good
Sports massage
Carry on
Nothing! Continue to offer a fantastic range of treatments and services to meet a full range of abilities.
Diddly squat
I am happy as things are so just to continue your great service.
More intense yoga classes or Barre etc
Can not think of anything at the moment.
Hard to think of anything.
Keep doing the same
nothing, all good
Keep doing what you’re doing cos its fab!! In the long term, we’d love it if you continued with the online class as we wouldn’t always be able to attend ‘real life’ classes but I appreciate this may not be possible.
Move the chapel nearer to my home! Seriously, probably nothing. I am enjoying the on line pilates, and wonder if some on line yoga might be possible too? Keep up the good work xx
I’m keen to learn more about nutrition and talk to someone about loosing weight in a safe way. I’d also consider some 121 Pilates or yoga at the moment if that was safer than a class.
Nothing, I always leave the premises feeling better.
Soo happy Vicky, not sure you could have done anything else. Enjoyed your Sunday tic tok vidios which were so mood uplifting. Keep up the good work.
Move closer to my house 😁
Be able to lose the ppe…Will happen soon..I hope
Nothing more
Keep doing what you do
Chocolate spiky balls for the Friday morning first group session so I can have a laugh with the old and new crew. Carry on virtual session pilates I’ve done all or repeated favourite recordings so live zoom not for my schedule but happy to subscribe to keep it going and keep the variety of recrorded sessions for subscribers Looking forward to a class. Cx Keep on keeping on. Cx
Restart Pilates classes
Be in Darlington!!!! Xxx
No ideas, sorry
Keep up the good work.
I would love for a remote option for pilates to continue. Although it doesn’t offer the same personalisation, I have really liked the flexibility that committing to a course cannot give.
Totally happy with your services
Can’t think if anything for me personallt
I’d love kids aerial classes to be back on during the week! My girls miss it SO much and they gained so much from it. I appreciate this is beyond your control!
I will be content knowing that you will continue your activity.Knowing that you all have a job make me happier aswell the thought that the chapel has a purpose.
Carry on doing what you’re good at, hopefully we’ll be able to get back to classes at the chapel .
Once restrictions are lifted, more time options for classes outside of office hours, I’d like a beginners class straight from work so I don’t have to go home first.
Pilates with wine x
To be honest nothing!
Keep doing what you are
Real life classes when it is safe and possible.
Pilates with wine sounds a definite winner lol!!

In Summary

So, in essence we have a NPS (net promoter score) of 100 which is the best score you can get (and higher than the big players like Apple – I’ll dine out on that for years haha!!) – which means you fly the flag for us, you talk about us, you promote us and you send your friends, family and colleagues to us. We always knew some of this by asking for feedback, hearing what you say but to have this confirmed in an objective form is just lush!

A big thank you must also go to Darren Glanville from Valued Accountancy who led the training on NPS and to Mint Business Club who hosted and continues to support our business journey – you’re all just mint xx

Vicky Smith, physio, pilates instructor, craniosacral therapist, acupuncturist, owner and director of Tayloredfit Physio Ltd