Tayloredfit Teamworks – Suzanne

Oct 23, 2021

Suzanne, one of our amazing sports therapists, is fast becoming one of your ‘go to’ clinicians… her combination of expertise, professionalism, knowledge and fab humour – it’s not difficult to understand why. We thought it was time you got to know Suzanne a bit better!

Suzanne Allin sports therapist

Tell us a bit about yourself and the name or nature of your business/ or role.

My working life has taken its toll on my body . From mucking out to riding and schooling young
horses . Working in the fields bringing in the hay the old fashioned way with a pitch fork – having
children working at home and garden then in a supermarket lifting , walking miles across shop floors!
I often wondered why when we get older our bodies don’t function the same and aches and pains appear overnight!

Tell us more about your work

After studying sports therapy and mainly the remedial side it all made sense . We put our bodies
through so much and don’t really look after it .
I’m a remedial sports therapist which means that I have a few extra techniques in my ‘tool box ‘ to
deal with clients in all walks of life not just sporty but maybe just want to function pain free .

What are the best bits about what you do?

The best bits of what I do is to have feed back that the person I treated is pain free . To have that
feeling of helping someone means a lot to me .

What are the biggest challenges about what you do?

The biggest challenge is to help people to understand their bodies so that they can help themselves by
making small changes to their posture which will no doubt help them through later life without

Why did you choose to collaborate with Tayloredfit?

I chose to collaborate with Taylored-fit as I had a great feeling during the interview that I belong here
! Vicky and Lucy are so warm and caring professional and clever I felt so welcome and at ease .
The chapel gives the spiritual and mental feel good feeling and all the treatments that happen here
are for our physical well being .
I would not wish to be any where else!

What are your business goals in the next 5 years?

I would like to branch out and learn more . Dry needling is great but love to learn the Chinese
acupuncture so to help people
Not just physically but also mentally!

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

I love traveling to Australia to see my kids and grandkids!

Who makes you laugh?

My Basset hounds make me smile but as the grandkids are getting older – going to school I laugh at
some of the words they come home with !!

What is your top tip to staying healthy in mind and body?

For a healthy mind be positive and kind.
For a healthy body – keep active and visit Taylored-fit to maintain your physical function.

Tell us a random, interesting or funny story about you!

We went to Crufts to support the Basset hound welfare stall as I am a member .
Got talking to a nice gentleman about all sorts!
I told him what I actually thought about the judging section and said that I think it’s wrong to judge
dogs on their looks and that it doesn’t matter how they look it’s about their nature
He was only the one of the head judges !!! Oops!!

You are in safe hands with Suzanne. Thanks for choosing to work with us Suzanne, we appreciate you and thank you for all you do, for us, the team and your clients. If you’d like to book an appointment with Suzanne, click here to book and let’s get you back on track. Thanks for listening xx