Tayloredfit Teamworks – Emma

Mar 22, 2024

We thought it was about time you got to know wor Emma a bit better!

Tell us a bit about yourself and the nature of your role.

Hello I’m Emma, and I’m currently a third year physiotherapy student at Northumbria university.
Currently, my role here at Tayloredfit is Sports Massage Therapist as well as teaching pilates on
Monday evenings.
I decided to go to uni slightly later, but that allowed me to filter out the jobs I definitely didn’t want
to do and finding what I was really passionate about. Which is where I found Physio.
Before deciding physio was for me, I dabbled in various jobs from office work to dental nursing,
although very different from one another, I enjoyed working in various environments in order to
learning something new every day!.

Tell us more about your work

Sports massage I find to be extremely rewarding, as some people I treat are in huge amounts of
discomfort or pain and being able to provide a service where they often leave feeling refreshed and
at ease is often rewarding, similarly to Pilates.

Who would benefit from coming to see you?

Anybody! It’s a common misconception that you need to be super into sports to benefit from a
sports massage but I’ve treated hairdressers, construction workers, Painters and Office workers just
to name a few. So, if you have a few aches and pains my treatments are open to anyone.
As for Pilates, I teach a mix of beginner classes and intermediate where again I get a range of
occupations. If you’re new I would recommend the beginners classes where we will work on
progressing up through to the intermediate classes for that extra push!

What are the best bits about what you do?

I love the variety in both pilates and sports massage. No two days are the same and as someone who
has recently been diagnosed with ADHD it is something I’ve come to realise I need in a job role. Not
only that but being able to provide a treatment/class which helps with discomfort or pain I find to to
be super fulfilling.

What are the biggest challenges about what you do?

Understanding that there’s no real one size fits all. What works for one person may not work for
another, as I’m eager to help everyone it may take more time to figure out a treatment plan that
works for yourself, that can sometimes be stressful and at times can feel like you’re not able to give
your absolute best at times- having the Tayloredfit team here for support really helps though!

Why did you choose to work with Tayloredfit?

I enjoy working in a team! Everyone here has similar goals and that’s what makes it a lovely
environment to work within.

What are your professional or personal goals in the next 5 years?

Professionally, I would like to finish my final year at university and work more on a full time basis as
a physio here at tayloredfit. I have a huge interest in womens health physio and MSK (musculoskeletal) so would like to
possibly specialise in those areas by doing a post graduate degree. I would also like to do some extra
courses such as acupuncture or cupping therapy to support my sports massage role.
As for personal goals, I would love to do some travelling around southeast Asia and some would say
slight obsession with Australia… I love beaches and thrive in sunny weather which isn’t that common
here in the UK unfortunately. So hopefully within the next couple years Ill be able to make this
I would also like to complete the Great North Run as I had massive FOMO last year and felt like it
would be a great challenge for 2024.

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

Tenerife!… I know typical Brit destination, but I had a great time and would highly recommend Siam
Park for those water sports / waterpark enthusiasts.

Who makes you laugh?

I’m not sure if I have a specific person but I do have a slight tiktok obsession where I find myself
scrolling for hours laughing at random silly videos. People on there are so creative!

What is your top tip to staying healthy in mind and body?

Everything in moderation. Its fine to have your favourite chocolate or cake but there needs to be
balance, more so you can enjoy those treats! I like to go by the 80/20 rule. 80% eating a balanced
diet and spending time working out and 20% for those sugar cravings.
Also I find getting outside in nature for a walk really helps to clear my mind during stressful periods
of uni life.

Tell us a random, interesting, or funny story about you!

I’ve always been quite sports and have played football for Arsenal Ladies from 9-16. I unfortunately
broke my leg in a training session and had to stop. sounds cliché I know.

Before that I have always had an interest in various sports, such a karate where I gained my orange
belt and participating in dance classes too.
One extra random fact is I love animals too, although more of a crazy cat lady as mentioned above I
love going on walks and hope to buy a sausage dog as a post-graduation uni gift to myself, which will
add a bit of company on those walks.

Thanks so much Emma, lovely to hear more about you – you do amazing juggling everything with uni as well as all the things you do here at Tayloredfit. Emma has spent the last 8 weeks on placement in Newcastle so she’s only been available for sports massage on Saturday mornings. After Easter, her hours will return to normal so she will teach pilates on a Monday night and have sports massage appointments on a Thursday afternoon/ evening and a Saturday morning. Get your appointments and classes booked by contacting us or heading to the website.

Good luck Emma with the final push at uni – go smash it!!

Vicky and Team Tayloredfit xx