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Tayloredfit Online Membership

Join us for classes LIVE in your living room!

Here’s how to join:

  • Select a membership option from the drop-down menu
  • Pay online for your first month
  • or you can amend the quantity and pay for as many months in advance as you like
  • Full instructions on how to join each class will be emailed to you
  • You will also receive instructions with regard to setting up your monthly payments after your initial month(s)

We have some amazing membership levels:

Pilates only

This physio led Pilates only class  is suitable for all levels – the mixed ability classes are suitable for those beginning their Pilates journey and for improvers who want to understand the exercises and postures in more detail – at a slower pace – as well as those wanting to improve strength and flexibility and to understand the connection between the mind and body. Modification and progression of exercises are always provided. Join this weekly class live or when it suits you. All classes are recorded and uploaded to members only Facebook group or emailed to you if you prefer.

Pilates Lite

Pilates Lite is perfect if you have a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, ME, MS, EDS, have mobility problems, recovering from surgery or illness, or not ready or able to do a full pilates class.  Designed to be shorter in duration (typically 15-20 mins) and largely chair-based. This physio led class will still help you to improve posture, control, and strength.

Pregnancy Pilates

This physio led pregnancy Pilates class is suitable from 12 weeks. Exercises are carefully selected to gently but effectively target the deep stabilising abdominal muscles which support the spine and pelvis. Attention is also given to the pelvic floor which is an extremely important muscle group during pregnancy and post birth as well as many other exercises to maintain arm and legs toned during your pregnancy. Join the weekly classes live or when it suits you (all classes are recorded and uploaded to members Facebook group or emailed to you if you prefer). Pilates allows you to take care of yourself and prepare your body for labour, delivery and taking care of your baby in those early days postpartum.  Take some time and enjoy theses pregnancy classes designed for you.

Post Natal Pilates

This physio led post natal pilates programme, suitable from 6 weeks post natal and beyond, will help you gently yet effectively improve your core strength, flexibility and control. Join the weekly class live or when suits you (all classes are recorded and uploaded to a members-only Facebook group or emailed to you if you prefer) from the comfort of your own home. Allow pilates to easily be incorporated into your busy lifestyle and gain the benefits pilates can offer. Suitable for mild diastasis rectus abdominus (DAR), pelvic girdle pain (PGP) and pelvic floor issues as modifications and suggestions will be given.

Premium Pilates

This Premium physio led pilates package includes 2 mixed ability classes to suit beginners to advanced. The package will enable you to deepen your pilates practice safely and effectively. These classes also add a little more challenge, whilst still being slow enough to work at your own pace. Exercises are designed to cater for those with some experience and want to take their workouts to the next level. Here you will be challenged with a more active class to build strength, stamina and flexibility. Joining these classes weekly at your own pace will help to improve your core strength, flexibility and mind.

Yang/Yin Yoga

Yang/Yin: This is a beautiful mixed class where we combine yang (movement) and yin (stillness). Beginning with some breathwork to prepare the body and mind for practice, we’ll move into the yang element, working the big muscle groups and move slowly through a series of standing postures incorporating gentle twists and balances that focus on your own body alignment. In the second half of the class we’ll move into stillness and work beyond the big muscle groups by going deep into the connective tissues with our floor-based yin element. Yin teaches us to listen to what our bodies need, it’s a quiet practice and helps us restore our nervous system. Combining yang and yin is a perfect balance.



Here's what each package includes: