Yoga Wheel



Our Tayloredfit Physio Yoga Wheel is a piece of circular shaped exercise equipment that helps open up the body.

Don’t be intimidated by some of the advanced poses featuring the yoga wheel, it has benefits for yoga and pilates beginners as well.  The wheel will help deepen your exercise practice and offer therapeutic benefits like creating space in your body and massaging the spine. ​

The things you can do with the yoga wheel are only limited by your imagination. Overall it is a great exercise tool and has some amazing benefits.  ​

The yoga wheel really makes yoga and pilates practice even more fun to do and allows you to go even further in your poses/stretches. If you have a desk job where you spend most of your day hunched over a desk than using the yoga wheel to stretch your back and chest muscles will really release that tension and feel amazing.

By using the yoga wheel you’ll benefit from stretching, strengthening, flexibility, and balance.  ​

Size: 33cm x 14cm