Physiotherapy at home

Physiotherapy at home

Most clients are familiar with attending our clinic to improve their aches, pains and health issues. But if you find it difficult to attend an appointment due to numerous different reasons, physiotherapy in your chosen environment may work well for you.

Our home visit service is a great alternative if you need physiotherapy input but are unable to attend our clinic. You will receive the same great high-quality service by one of our qualified physiotherapists but in the convenience of your home.

Your home physiotherapy visits will be suited to your individual needs and will be entirely bespoke. If you feel ready or able to attend the clinic in future, your treatment can easily be switched to see us at the chapel. Here are a few reasons why many of our clients choose to have a home visit appointment:

  • Recovering from Orthopaedic surgery including hip and knee replacements.
  • Acute / severe back and neck pain which limits your ability to travel
  • Individuals with poor mobility.
  • If you work from home or hybrid work and need workplace assessment or display screen assessment or advice on equipment.
  • If you are in a care home and need advice or guidance on mobility or walking aids.
  • Mobility assessment.

Our reception team will manage all bookings and ensure we come out to you at a time which is convenient for you.

We will bring all the equipment that we need and may include treatment beds, exercise equipment and other consumables.

Our physiotherapists can come out to your home, your place of work or if you are based in a nursing or residential facility.

How do I arrange a Physiotherapy at Home appointment?

Simply Call 01913731176 and our reception team will manage your booking. If you wish to speak to one of our physiotherapists in advance, please ask to speak to one of our clinicians. You do not need a referral from your GP before asking for a home physiotherapy appointment.

Your initial appointment will include an assessment, establishing goals and starting a treatment plan with your physiotherapist.



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