Tayloredfit have got classes locked down

Nov 8, 2020

How do you cope in lockdown? As we are now into our second lockdown this year, with hopes of 4 weeks but uncertainty that it could be longer – your health could be impacted if it wasn’t already. With some of our clients, they are only just back on track from March – somehow this time feels worse – the uncertainty, the time of year, the dark nights, less belief that things will get better and worries about Christmas in terms of financially and where and who it will be spent with. Another reminder that we are all in the same storm but we most definitely not in the same boat.

Here at Tayloredfit Physio, we have seen an increasing number of clients presenting with stress, anxiety, pain and depression, with rising numbers of younger people and children (this week alone I have treated 3 children under 14 using craniosacral therapy who have presented with stress and anxiety, some of whom manifesting in physical symptoms). We know, this is not even the tip of the iceberg and I would urge anyone to seek help or advice if they are experiencing feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety or depression. You are not alone and we are not meant to thrive in a global pandemic. Many of our clients are chronically depleted – almost like there is “nothing left in the tank” which will not surprise many of you I am sure.

Tayloredfit Physio has changed significantly since March 2020. Pre lockdown, we were a merry team of 24 people, our pilates and aerial yoga were growing quickly and we were steadily increasing our range of treatments and services. Then lockdown happened. Words that we hadn’t even truly thought of or knew about were suddenly commonplace – furlough, antibac, ppe, pivot, zoom, online. Our business changed overnight and the day we closed on the 23rd March was emotional, unsettling and extremely daunting. But, there have been so many positives.

Our brand new website launched in March – one of our aims this year was for clients to be able to book and pay for classes through the website – to make your journey easier and trouble free. Quickly, when we realised we’d not need classes but online classes, the shift and urgency ramped up and our fabulous Alan Sawyers who I’ve known for years (I was in the digital bootcamp with Alan through the Mint Business Club along with some amazing business owners), rose to the challenge and we had everything there and ready.

But would anyone sign up? Oh my, I underestimated you all! Within days we had over 70 people sign up – you gave us hope, drive and kept our passion ignited. We didn’t get it right all the time –  there were technical issues, problems with wifi, sound, recording issues like forgetting to press record, recording, by accident – people doing pilates in their living room (not quite what we’d planned!) and when we could no longer go back and forth to the chapel to record in the studio we were challenged by the space at home – I recall a funny live class when Josh walked in, completely forgetting I was in there – he didn’t quite come into shot but it made for a funny moment! The kids loved the kids pilates and it gave them a wonderful distraction from home schooling. We even managed to record some classes outside! The majority of our clients have stayed with us online and it is part of the business we will now permanently keep.

online pilates Tayloredfit Physio

Some of our packages have stayed, some we’ve added and some we’ve dropped along the way – we dropped the kids package in September as they returned to school, we added pilates lite after a client with long term health issues said she found a typical mat class too much, we added post natal pilates and our latest addition is yoga.

I’m sure you’re used to my voice, my positivity and my passion for what we do – particularly if you’re a wonderful client at Tayloredfit Physio. But instead of me telling you how wonderful our online classes are, I asked our clients – so allow me to let them tell you, in their own words and the primary drive for writing this blog – to somehow capture, bottle and keep the feedback.

“ The online pilates classes have been fabulous for me as a working mother with a husband who works long hours – in lockdown and out – as I can do the classes when they fit in with our family. I do a variety of exercise and I find the online pilates has really complemented this – stretch classes and the strenghtening of pilates means I’m stronger and running better. I also find that I’m thinking about my posture more when doing other exercises too as Vicky and Mark place such an emphasis on good pilates stances – they know all of the little things our body does to ‘cheat’ and they work in reminders throughout the class – it is like they are correcting your posture at a distance! “ Kelly, Premium Pilates

“Love the mixed ability online pilates and would thoroughly recommend the classes to all. Vicky always gives options so you can feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Really appreciate the flexibility of being able to download the live class so you can choose a convenient time to exercise. Keeps me active and sane (almost) during restrictive times”. Xx Carol, Pilates only

“ I find mixed level Pilates well explained and able to access sessions at my level of fitness.” Jenny, Pilates only

“ Absolutely love the classes, both live and online. Especially love the bonus stretch class. Highly recommend. “ Vikki, Premium Pilates

“ Can’t thank both Mark & Vicky enough for keeping me sane through these very different times. Classes are focused and being on line means at long last I can be part of their classes. Love these two so much and all their hard work, effort, experience and professionalism that go into the class are amazing. If you ever thought of trying a Pilates class on line but unsure I can guarantee you are in very safe hands. “ Janet, Premium

“ Pilates online made such a huge difference to my experience in the first lockdown. The familiarity of seeing Vicky or Mark lead it makes it much easier to understand and relax into. It really helped me physically and mentally to be able to continue xx” Gemma, Pilates Only

“ I love my online pilates class. It’s full of variety both in terms focus on different parts of the body and in options within each exercise. If I can’t make the live session I can do it later or another day. So much choice!” Jane, Pilates Only

Classes are live, but all are recorded so you can do them when, and as often as you like. Joining now will give you a bank of classes to choose from, or simply start from this weeks class – the choice is yours.

With 6 different packages to choose from, we’ve got you, online. Our community, our friendship, our fitness, our laughter, our control and our resilience will still build and become stronger. Join us and see why so many of you are absolutely loving our online classes.

Til we meet again my lovelies, til we meet again.

Vicky Smith, founder Tayloredfit Physio, physio, specialist in craniosacral therapy, acupuncturist, pilates instructor, mother, friend, laughter inducer, speaker, blogger, podcaster.