Yin, Restore and Meditate Workshop



Join us at this lovely Yin, Restore and Meditate workshop to practice the art of slowing down to nurture your inner calm.

2022 Workshops:

30th September 2022 – 7.00pm – 8.30pm

The session will start with a relaxing breathing practice before exploring the nourishing benefits of yin: a slow and largely floor-based practice that focuses on hips, pelvis, lower back and inner thighs.

Yin works beyond the big muscle groups and targets the connective tissues, which is great for improving circulation, joint mobility and flexibility. We’ll then move into a deeply relaxing restorative yoga session, using props to allow your body to fully surrender and soften to allow the nervous system to return to its true form. We will close the practice with a meditation and a special homemade treat.

These sessions are not advised during pregnancy.

Early booking advised to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited